Permanent Collection

Permanent collection from Zarqua Collection is unity of our customers all time favorite designs from different seasons. Hand picked items have proven to be chic, stylish and everyday accessories.


The FW20/21 Collection draws its inspiration from a fashion-forward, strong, self-confident and at the same time very feminine woman. “The combination of crystals, metal details, croco prints is very modern to me” – says Nina Zarqua of what we can expect from this line-up. In her opinion all the rich textures make any woman feel glamorous and sophisticated. The contemporary Georgian brand Zarqua was founded in 2016. The origin of the name comes from Georgian Model Nina, who has been a part of fashion industry for many years. After quitting a successful modeling career, she launched her own fasion brand. Zarqua Collection is crafted and handmade in Tbilisi, telling a story with every embroidered stitch and representing your unique vision on a daily.