Shoes care

Smooth Leather

When you finally bought that beautiful pair of shoes, they just start to fit well and you wear them with delight, you want to keep it this way as long as possible. They deserve the gentle care the leather needs desperately, So you will be able to enjoy them for years and years!

1. The first step in the process of shoe treatment always is cleaning your so much beloved shoes! This can be done in two ways:

– For a superficial clean use cleaner neutral lotion

to quickly clean and nourish the leather. Mostly used for weekly cleaning and nourishing.

– For a deeper clean and to remove old layers of cream and wax use Thorough cleaner for smooth leather

or  Soft smooth leather cleaning soap

 (Best used to remove stains or to take off old shoe polish once every while).

2. If your shoes are in need of some serious confitioning (often the case after a deep clean), pick Renovateur, a thorough and deep nourisher

to nourish and take care of the leather. 

3. Now your shoes are ready to receive a layer of cream to protect, recolour and give a nice shine with Pommadier cream for shining, protecting and nourishing

is a smooth all-rounder that will do a perfect job and gives a soft but beautiful shine. 

4. Finish off your shoes using a combination of shoe wax for mirrorshined shoes

 and shoe wax for a nice polish to create a lovely mirror shine! 

5. Last but not least for leather soles, use Sole Guard for leather soles

to protect, waterproof and make them last longe


Patent leather is a coated type of leather that has a very shiny finish. The leather has been coated with a layer of lacquer that is very glossy. Patent leather shoes were originally worn under a tuxedo with formal events. Nowadays, patent leather shoes are worn with both formal and everyday outfits. When coated leather has been damaged and scratches have formed, it’s not possible to restore this. However, using the right products can easily conceal this.

1. Use a cotton cloth to apply a layer of vernis rife For cleaning and taking care of patent leather, usually black for black patent leather, but use neutral for any other colours.

2. The Vernis Rife will make scratches black again and conceal them. Let dry and polish with a soft cotton cloth for a beautiful shine and a seemingly new shoe.

3. Vernis Rife can of course also be used for other patent leather products such as bags. Same as for shoes; use black for black patent leather and neutral for all other colours. It also protects and prevents the leather from scratches


A beautiful pair of suede shoes usually fits and feels great due to its flexible characteristics; this is why suede is most people’s favourite type of leather. Suede should, as well as for example smooth leather, be treated well with the right products, to prevent from drying out and tearing. How do you get this done?

1. Are your suede or nubuck shoes covered in dirt and stains or just in need of a cleaning treatment? 

Use Cleaner for suede, nubuck and textiles

to remove superficial dirt as well as stains.

2. If you still have some spots that won’t disappear, gently wipe away with a block of stainremover

3. After this, gently brush the shoes with a brush for suede shoes

4. After drying the shoes or the use of Gommadin block spray both suede and nubuck shoes with a Natural waterproofing spray for leather, suède, nubuck and textile

Bag Care

Zarqua handbag can easily make your outfit and if you take good care of it, it’ll be around for years to come.

Our bags are investments that you want to last years and years, so here’s how to treat and store your handbags so they still look new in a decade.

1. Protect Leather, Suede and Nubuck

Protect the material before you show it off to your friends. Scotchgard Fabric Protector for fabric bags and Scotchgard Suede and Nubuck Protector provide a layer of defence for your fine handbags should they come in contact with rain, oil or salt. For leather, try Kiwi Protect-All to shield your bag from the elements.

Follow the directions and always test a protectant on a small piece of fabric before spraying the whole thing to make sure the fabric doesn’t get discolored. And if you know you’re headed into a wintry mix or heavy rain, leave your beautiful bag at home.

2. Clean Them After Use

If you’re dealing with suede or a more delicate fabric, proceed with caution. Try using a dry paper towel to wipe away dirt or dust before storing your bag. You can also use a suede brush to clean your bag and make it look new again.

3. Help Them Maintain Their Shape

Prevent your bags from getting creased or caving in by stuffing them with tissue paper, bubble wrap or a soft material. While newspaper might seem like a good stuffing material, it’s actually bad for the bag lining: ink can transfer and stain the fabric.

If you don’t use a particular bag often, cover any metal zippers, hooks or clasps with tissue paper so they don’t leave an imprint on the bag.

And please, don’t hang your soft leather handbags on hooks which will put unnecessary stress on the handles and straps.

4. Organise Your Handbags and Show Them Off

For long-term storage, place your designer purses in breathable cloth dust bags. As an alternative, you can use a clean cotton pillowcase, which will keep dirt and dust from accumulating on the bag and let the material breathe at the same time. Covering your bags will also shield them from sunlight that will fade fabric over time. Whatever you do, don’t put your handbags in plastic or vinyl—it will trap moisture and ruin them.

You can also store the on shelves to keep even more dirt and dust from reaching them.

Your  Zarqua handbags are an investment—treat them accordingly and you’ll get use out of them for years—and maybe even decades.